Ankus Consulting, Inc. provides the following services for candidates and clients:


We offer our candidates confidential placement assistance and introduction to lateral career opportunities which are available to us on a local and nationwide basis. We generally have the best success with attorneys who have graduated in the top 25% of their regional law school class or those who are Ivy League law school graduates. For lateral partners, we generally have the best success with attorneys who have a minimum of $500,000 of portable, verifiable business. In addition, we offer candidate paid hourly based services for relocating attorneys, resume enhancements, interview strategies, career analysis and marketplace research.


We offer our clients comprehensive recruiting services tailored to their particular needs, specifications and desires. The firm will conduct searches on both a retained basis and a contingency basis depending on the nature and scope of the assignment. Clients of the firm are treated as such and we make every reasonable effort to understand our client’s culture, philosophy, history, and composition before initiating a search on their behalf. We are not a “resume factory” and each search which we agree to accept is treated as a new assignment and given the time necessary to achieve the desired results. In addition, we offer, on an hourly basis, compensation and marketplace surveys for firms interested in such information or for out of state firms seeking to open branch offices in South Florida.

Expert Witness

Mr. Ankus has been an expert witness in a variety of court cases where testimony is needed regarding the status of the marketplace and where the employability of an attorney (partner/associate) is in question. This type of work is done on an hourly basis and is most often requested in family law cases where the employability of an attorney spouse is at issue. Due to the varying nature of each case, Mr. Ankus can be consulted directly for more information.