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Joe Ankus is pleased to offer customized training materials and individualized sessions to recruiting firms across the nation. Depending on the client’s need, Joe will conduct telephone training or in-person training from groups ranging from one recruiter to one hundred. He has trained scores of recruiters in Florida, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Houston and Washington.

Contact him for rates and programs.

Training topics include:

“Effective Cold Calling & Voice Mail” – How To Get More Candidates To Call Back More Often

“Effective Daily Planning & Recruiting Metrics”– Tools For Efficiency

“Counteroffer” – Cause, Cure & Control

“Negotiation For Recruiters” – Tips & Techniques To Avoid That Burning Feeling

“Closing Starts At The Opening” – A Process Not An Event”

“Job Orders Can Be Neither”– How To Select Your Searches Properly

“I’m Happy Where I Am And Leave Me Alone”– Introduction to Basic Rebuttals/Handling Candidate Objections

“The Twilight Zone &The Interview Process”– How To Prepare Candidates/Clients For 1st and 2nd Interviews

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”– Post-Closing Strategies, Client Development, and Candidate Retention

“Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…” – How To Share Bad News With Clients and Candidates”